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into the orient


luxe oriental

ʻNever wallpaper all the walls in a room,ʼ says Megan Smith of Cloth and Print. ʻIt confuses the eye and overcomplicates a space.ʼ For a regal mix of vintage and contemporary, contrast plush velvet and old-gold elements with graphic prints in black, white and grey. Try this Terra Promessa wallpaper in VP 854 01 from the Talamone collection by Élitis. Available at St Leger & Viney. fabrics

modern oriental

ʻWhen revamping a room, first choose a focal point,ʼ says Yolandi Dafel of St Leger & Viney. ʻAsk yourself, “Where is the least amount of effort going to make the most difference?”. This becomes a starting point from which your ideas can evolve.ʼ Todayʼs Eastern styling is unexpected and full of new-age materials and motifs, so embrace the growing multicultural aesthetic by merging a variety of influences, as seen in the lobby of Hotel Henriette in Paris. fabrics

bold oriental

Sarah Gilbert of U&G Fabrics suggests giving old chairs and scatters a new lease on life by reupholstering them in fresh fabrics. ʻWalls can also be easily revived for a fraction of the cost via a striking feature wall,ʼ she adds. Go for something dramatic, opulent and unique, such as this Caisson 3D wallcovering in 61533 from the Spectra collection by Arte. Available at Home Fabrics. fabrics

muted oriental

‘Before wallpapering, make sure your walls are smooth to avoid bumps,’ says Marc Shotland of Home Fabrics. ‘Damp walls will cause wallpaper to bubble, and uneven skirting boards could result in a lopsided pattern.’ Create a harmonious, Zen-like atmosphere with soft offerings, such as this Crivelli vinyl wallpaper in CA8251-071 Honey from the Casa Carlucci collection by Carlucci di Chivasso. Available at Home Fabrics. fabrics