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our must-have interior design books this month

Paul Samuels; Supplied

1. bookmark ready

books march One of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful books to be published about South African domestic architecture and decoration in the past few years, Remarkable Heritage Houses of South Africa is by renowned photographer Craig Fraser and writer Nini Bairnsfather Cloete. Ranging from an exquisite apartment in Johannesburg's most famous block of flats to traditional farmhouses and heritage properties located across the country, the homes featured will inspire and delight. Bairnsfather Cloete's meticulous text amplifies and extends the pleasure of gazing at Fraser's nuanced photographs to create a book that every lover of South African architecture and design will want to own.

2. colour me wonderful

books march Interiors are becoming loud again, as more and more people turn to high-contrast spaces with vibrant walls and patterned sofas (read about our favourite graphic sofas here). Kaleidoscope: Living in Color & Patterns showcases these eccentric and unique spaces that range from the beautiful to the bizarre. While some of the featured examples are reminiscent of time capsules and others of filmsets, all of them defy categorisation. The book offers inspiration for anyone bold enough to reimagine interior design in any way they can.

3. print perfect

Pattern is one of the strongest design elements. In these three books, the use of pattern is demystified with demonstrations on how to seamlessly mix and layer prints throughout the house. In Living with Pattern: Color, Texture and Print at Home, Rebecca Atwood covers the use of pattern in expected places like duvets and rugs, as well as less common applications including bathroom tiles, an arrangement of book spines or a windowpane gridding. Patterns: Inside the Design Library by Peter Koepke draws from the Design Library's archive, a reference point used by designers across the globe, including Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein and Beacon Hill, to create an exclusive and ultimate sourcebook of pattern and ornament. The extraordinary eye of Neisha Crosland seeks out symmetry, order and structure wherever she goes. A visual feast of pattern, colour and surprising personal stories, complemented by an abundance of striking photography, Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern is a tribute to the power of pattern and the stories behind it.

4. international finds

Renowned for its picturesque charm, Mexico has lured design-world insiders to its retreats. This beauty is presented in an inspirational selection of some of the latest Mexican design trends from the vibrant and stylish Yucatán peninsula and its capital Mérida, founded in the 16th century. In Casa Mexico: At Home in Mérida and the Yucatán, Annie Kelly takes readers on an insider's tour of gorgeous properties – from brightly painted town houses and contemporary villas to rustic bungalows – many with a distinctive bohemian feeling. On the opposite side of the world, The Fabric of India by Rosemary Crill is the first truly comprehensive book on Indian textiles. Lavishly illustrated, the book is a study on the history of materials and how closely they are linked to Indian culture, providing splendid examples of unique fabrics that are rich in heritage.

5. an overlooked art

books march In An Anthology of Decorated PapersPJM Marks dives into the exploration of decorated papers that have been used for centuries but often go unnoticed. In a showcase of several hundred of the best and most exquisite examples of decorated paper as well as a look at their history, traditions and techniques, this new book draws on the Olga Hirsch collection at the British Library that will delight and inspired designers, bibliophiles and anyone with a love of pattern and decoration.