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Top 5 CT Souvenirs

Cape Town is an unforgettable place to visit, but it’s always nice to have a souvenir to bring back some memories of the places you’ve travelled. In a move away from more traditional African curios and novelty items, local companies are producing mementos that definitely won’t end up at a garage sale.

Here are some stylish and original goods to gift to yourself or friends visiting the Mother City…


1. Table Mountain Bangle from Skermunkil - R480

Table Mountain’s silhouette against your wrist is an elegant reminder of one of the newest wonders of the world.



2. Architectural City Guide Print from Blank Ink DesignR1 600 - R36 000

The perfect gift for lovers of architecture and design, this print features 24 buildings that showcase Cape Town’s architectural heritage, embracing a broad spectrum of styles over the decades.



3. Cape Town: An Illustrated Poem by Julia Grey from The Book Lounge - R152

This beautifully crafted book is an ode to Cape Town that takes you on a journey through the quirks and unique personalities of each suburb.


4. Table Mountain Chocolate Slab from Table Mountain Choc - R40/R50

Available in dark or milk chocolate, this is not a souvenir that will last very long but will definitely leave visitors with some sweet memories…



5. Laugh It Off T-shirt from Big Blue - R230

Spot the difference with this uniquely Capetonian take on a classic Joy Division album cover.




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