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Tiny Paintings take on NYC

This short time-lapse video by Gareth Pon shows South African artist Lorraine Loots creating one of her miniature paintings, and trust us - it will have you mesmerised. (#ANTSinNYC from Gareth Pon on Vimeo). Using an area the size of a coin, a pencil and paint Lorraine creates pint sized paintings that are sought-after. Her original series stemmed from an idea to produce a painting a day for a year in 2013 following no particular theme. She named it 365 Paintings for Ants. The project continued onto 365 Postcards for Ants which she was inspired by CT's Design Capital title, which was used as the theme, too.  What's next? This year's challenge is titled Potluck100, which is a collection of 100 of her miniture paintings that will be produced over only 25 weeks. This project does however follow a theme for 4 days a week: Monday is 'Microcosm Mondays' anything related to space and the infinite universe. 'Tiny Tuesdays' which will be paintings of books. 'Fursday'  is our favourite day and includes commissions of pets and 'Free Fridays' is a day where you can request Lorraine to paint whatever you would like. And, if you're in New York, don't miss out! For one week only, 730 of Lorraine's little artworks are on display at the Tree Kings Studio. READ MORE: Q&A with Lorraine Loots Watch: 365 Paintings for Ants