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Tinsel Student Jewellery Exhibition

Two years ago master jeweller Keith White - who has worked for the likes of De Beers in London and Charles Greig in South Africa - started the Black & White Apprenticeship programme, with the aim of training previously disadvantaged students in the art of jewellery making. The outcome has been remarkable with youths creating handcrafted jewellery pieces that will certainly make South Africa proud. Next week Thursday Tinsel (owned by jeweller extraordinaire Geraldine Fenn), will be showcasing the handiwork of these five talented young jewellery apprentices. The theme of the exhibition is lockets, chosen for the unique technical challenges that these miniature structures present to jewellers. The Black & White programme offers aspiring artisans the choice between either a two-year internship or a five-year apprenticeship, meaning that, by the end of the programme, they are qualified and fully prepared to enter the industry. Along with this technical expertise, they also receive training on how to run their own business later down the line. The great thing about the final products is that each locket has its own story and comes from a very personal place for the designer. The trash can locket, for example, was inspired by the saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', while the letter locket is a love letter that slides open, letting you revolve the letters so that it reads 'I want you', 'I need you' or 'I love you'. One of the other pieces, a satchel locket, was inspired by the Soweto riots of 1976, containing a letter and a button from a school uniform. When: Thursday, 29 November, 6pm Where: Tinsel, 25 4th avenue, Parkhurst, Joburg For more information visit or, call 011-447-2761 or email Text: Kim Grové