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The Voice Of A Nation

Don't miss the new exhibition opening at Stephan Welz & Co. Studio that will feature work from established artists including William Kentridge, Lyndi Sales, Diane Victor, Deborah Bell, Nelson Makamo and well as a range of emerging artists. The mix of artists is deliberate.  The intent is to demonstrate that each new group of rising artists captures the intangible of that moment.  They compel a society forward, demanding it changes the present and look to a new future.

The exhibition hopes to show that a new kind of art making has evolved in South Africa, one which embraces all people irrespective of their race, religion, heritage or belief. This art expresses common concerns in the present and aspiration for the future. The exhibition is aimed to uplift artists in South Africa, as an experience where art is a portal from the known reality to a world that is filled with magic.

It will be curated by Jessica Deutsch, Arts to Life (NY – London). In this space a monkey laughs on the wall, an astronaut falls from the sky, veiled faces stare at you masking who they really are. A boy stands on flimsy boxes piled on top of each other as he reaches into the future. 'These artworks are what bind a nation together. Many artists feel it is time in South Africa to acknowledge art as fundamental in making us think, explore, and shape the future we would like to have. It is only increased patronage that will allow for more galleries, and that in turn will allow young artists to sustain themselves,' says Jessica.

The Voice of a Nation opens on 20 March at Stephan Welz & Co. Studio in Nelson Mandela Square, and run until the 3rd May 2015. Bring your little ones along on 21 and 29 March for a workshop aimed at engaging children with art and developing their creativity. They will be able to take home their works of art.

For more information visit or contact for workshop bookings and prices.