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The Skinny laMinx store in Bree Street gets a revamp


Anyone who frequents Bree Street in Cape Town will know about Skinny laMinx, a much-loved fixture in the heart of one of the city's coolest shopping areas. But it wasn't always this way: six years ago the brand's founder Heather Moore set up shop in an old scooter repair store, and transformation has since rippled along the length and breadth of Bree Street. Not only has the brand made a considerable mark on the local design scene, Skinny laMinx has grown to export across the globe, with its playful fabrics and accessories now reaching far and wide.

Naturally, with this growth came a physical expansion. While the original shopfront served the brand well, more space was required, and the challenge was to achieve this without moving location. Thanks to interiors guru and Bree Street neighbour Robert Sherwood, and Mila designer Gerard Back, the Skinny laMinx store was doubled in size.

With clever conceptual design, the creative team behind the revamp also reimagined the space in a way that feels fresh and inspiring, without straying too far from the Skinny laMinx we've come to know and love. What to expect? For starters, there's a lot more street frontage, allowing window shoppers to see right through to the fabric studio at the back of the shop. This studio is all about showing off the multitude of options and inspirations for Skinny laMinx curtains, wallpaper, upholstered furniture and made-to-order lampshades while, nearby, the 'Pillow Lab' takes up an entire wall. After falling in love with his exquisite design and fit-out of the Maison Mara concept store in De Waterkant, Moore was thrilled when Sherwood agreed to help her plan her own revamp. Speaking on what they've achieved, he says, 'I like that it has opened up the space a lot more for the shopper and will allow the client easy visual access to the merchandise. It maintains the Skinny laMinx language but now in a larger space.'

Moore's long-time friendship with Back began on early mornings at the nearby Jason Bakery, which have turned into a weekly Friday breakfast date for the last five years. So when she needed an experienced and aesthetically sensitive design workshop to create her shop fittings, Mila was the natural choice. 'Heather and I share a love of materials and finishes, and puzzling out good-looking design solutions,' says Back, who describes the new store as 'stylish, chic and enthusiastic'. To see the new store for yourself, pop into Skinny laMinx on 201 Bree Street, Cape Town. The Skinny laMinx Store | House and Leisure

The Skinny laMinx Store | House and Leisure

The Skinny laMinx Store | House and Leisure

The Skinny laMinx Store | House and Leisure