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The Pacific Collection by Weylandts


Weylandts’ new Pacific range from the Philippines is made from driftwood found along the coast. Using driftwood to create beautiful furniture pieces reflects the notion of re-imagining something old and transforming it into something else that captures its true essense. After collecting the driftwood, it is cleaned, fumigated and dried in the sun for more than 8 weeks. Once the drying process is complete, each individual piece is cut and crafted to make each piece of furniture unique in its composition. Weylandts brings you something new from something old- exquisite and contemporary beyond its original form. We chatted to Anna Weylandt about this captivating collection: Tell us more about the concept behind the Pacific range and what inspired its design? At Weylandts we love to celebrate materials, and the Pacific range uses a found object and turns it into a contemporary piece by combining it with steel and glass. We also love the idea of upcycling material and using materials that have a 'green' aspect. We love pieces that are handmade and unique, which are two of the main features of this range. What is it about the Philippines that made it the ideal destination for producing this range? The Philippines is well known in our industry for great craftsmanship and hand work. This range is very intricate and needs a lot of skill to assemble thousands of small pieces of driftwood together by hand to make each piece. Which décor style do you believe the Pacific range complements? This is a very versatile collection, even though the material is so specific. I see this in a beautiful contemporary home by the sea or even a lodge in the bush. What is your favorite product in the range and why? My favourite item in the range is the dining table. It is very striking and will be a real talking point and feature in anyone's home. For more information on this range, visit