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masters of their craft: mark kelman


SHF is a leading artisan business, where outstanding quality and innovative design is at the forefront of their furnishing world. With galleries across the country and a virtual store, SHF always exhibits their creative talent in the most effective way. Mark Kelman is considered the 'Metal Man', where sleek lines and the combination of metal and wood make his new range most sought-after.

'It is hard work that translates into my metal. Hard work hardens us to be strong enough to accomplish anything.' – Mark Kelman


Prague Dining Table, R13 995

Mark started from humble farm beginnings, where his hands-on approach took precedence over his academic life. A mind naturally inquisitive about the manufacturing of goods would be the beginning of his own garage-based studio, where he could be set free to explore, develop and fine-tune his passion.

His studio today is scattered with designs on the walls, parts of metal around his desk, and a palpable energy. Do not be fooled by his lanky frame, because his presence and designs hold a stoic force. Kelman's meticulous nature is what drives his workforce, where attention to detail is key and the design limits are always pushed.

Kelman is the Metal Man for sure, with big metallic dreams and the hope of endless design opportunities. His passion for design permeates his new range. We have listed our very favourites of his new collection:


Epping Shelving, R15 995


Epping Canopy Bed, R9 995


Flatbar Mirror, R4 795



Epping Work Station, R7 995


Epping Plasma, R9 995


Buffalo Skull Wall Mount, R2 295


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