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HL chatted to Home Fabric and Fabric Library’s national sales executive, Quique Sanchez about how to pick the best fabrics and colours for your space. 1. What's the best way to ensure you're buying a quality fabric? Always refer back to a home textile professional with the experience to support your requirements and help you find the type of fabric you are looking for. Home Fabrics and Fabric Library can provide you with everything you need to ensure you get the best results for your projects. 2. Which fabrics are best for curtains? It always depends on the type of curtain, the style and the effect you want to create in your space. Essentially, you choose the fabric to match your look. Most fabrics can be used for curtains. 3. I'd like the fabric that I choose to create a feeling of warmth in my lounge. What do you recommend? Choose a colour and style to match with your furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories. I recommend using neutral stone colours in the main area of the lounge - and highlighting with special pieces in a strong, bright colour, such as emerald or ceramic blue. This will create character inside the space. 4. What fabric trends do you see coming up for the rest of 2013? Emerald and jade green are the main colour trends this year, as well as indigo and ceramic blue. Later this year, I think we’ll start seeing more strong, personal colours, such as coral mixed with duck egg blues, yellow and black blocking. For more information about fabrics, visit