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The Ding Coffee Table

German designers, Ding3000 took inspiration from wooden 3D brainteaser puzzles to create an intricate, yet simple coffee table. Made up of three oak legs, the design of this small table allows for easy construction, creating a sculptural knot when fully assembled. The ‘knot’ forms the base of the table, upon which you place a glass tabletop. Each leg is finished with a chamfered edge, ensuring that the coffee table remains steady on the ground. Says Ding3000, ‘The three legs seem to pierce through each other in an impossible way, and our intention is to draw attention to this almost magical detail. That is also why we have chosen a transparent top, so the table's key focus point is the joining of the legs.’ With a choice of three different types of oak legs in coral, natural or black, and clear or smoked glass tabletops, the Ding Table is the perfect accessory for your living room. The Ding Table is available to order online via and retails at approximately R5 000, depending on the exchange rate. For more information visit