decor, lighting

The Delicious light

The Delicious light by Durban’s Xavier Clarisse combines the current trend for botanicals and natural textures into one spectacular piece. Made from leather, it extends lazily over a ball-shaped light fitting, allowing patches of light to escape and create interesting patterns of shadow on walls and ceilings. ‘The Delicious light is inspired by local vegetation,’ says Xavier, ‘and it’s part of my Durban collection. Everything I do is inspired by nature and much of it by the nature that surrounds me in Durban.’ There are no prizes for guessing that the specific piece of vegetation which inspired the light is Durban’s ubiquitous Delicious Monster, as Xavier’s light is remarkable in its resemblance to the oversized tropical shrub when made in green leather. The light is also available in other colours, including black and white, which give a more stylised look to the piece. ‘You can bend and position the leather and stainless steel leaves as desired,’ says Xavier. ‘The leather is very raw and has not been polished or painted to give it a distressed look.’ The Durban collection also includes a delicately cut-out wooden pendant light which is called the Palmiere. For more information see Xavier’s website or call 084-414-9736. The Delicious Light is available to buy, or admire, at Shoppe, 40 Marriot Road, Durban, 083-626-6088.