Purple: 'the odd one in'

purple For our June #HLDesignIssue, we made the decision to do something highly unusual and chose a purple masthead – a colour that is not highly popular in the magazine industry. Nevertheless, we took the risk and it looks beautiful. In fact, we love it so much that we are happy to call purple the new green for the rest of 2017. Until 1856, when synthetic purple was discovered by curious teenager William Henry Perkin, the rich colour could only be made using natural dyes and had been so expensive to make it had become one of the most coveted colours, used mainly by the rich and powerful. The main ingredient in purple dye? Sea-snail mucous. Mythology states that it was Hercules himself – or, rather, his dog – who discovered the sought-after colour after picking up mucous off the beach and developing purple drool. This daring colour is steeped in legend, history and mythology, making it one of the coolest colours. While reds can be bold, blues are calming and oranges are vibrant, purple doesn't need an adjective – except maybe 'groovy', if you're really feeling it. In terms of practical science, purple is the most refracted colour when light is passed through a prism, and is the hardest colour for the eye to discriminate. Used popularly by royals, including Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, purple is still an ooh colour today, and is now being appropriated by politicians and, of course, House and Leisure. On that note, we want to embrace the colour purple, a tone our decor editor has dubbed 'the odd one in', for the rest of the month, and we think you should too. With this purple-inspired shopping list, be bold and add a statement piece to jazz up any room.
Plaid Burgundy by Ted Baker, POR, Papilio

Studio Stirling Bubble Hanging Chair, POR,

Blanket by The Mohair Mill Shop in Winterberry, available from early June. Knee: 110cm x 130cm R689; Travel: 130cm x 180cm R1 069

Bubble Sofa, POR, Roche Bobois

Clouds Lila Green 4 Rug by Edward van Vliet for Moooi, POR, Edge Interiors

Dibi Chair by Cheick Diallo in Nylon and Mild Steel, R45 600, Southern Guild (photograph by Karl Rogers)