Chairs, decor

The Chairman

If you're looking for unique, ecofriendly outdoor furniture, take note of The Chairman’s bentwood furniture collection. They bend and shape raw wood to form rustic furniture pieces that are safe for use both indoors and outside. Co-owner Ben Kruger makes all of the pieces by hand using Blackwood laths that are bent to fit a frame. Having worked in forestry and being a woodworker, Ben's trained eye knows what to look for and where to start. Manufacturing starts with very careful planning. ‘I need to see each chair before I start manipulating and bending the laths into submission’, says Ben. ‘Our chairs are made with great passion, and we sell a little piece of "The Chairman" with every order.’ The collection is completely ecofriendly, as they only use alien Australian Blackwood trees and Aloe as a natural wood protector. View the complete collection on their website. For more information, contact The Chairman via or via 076-628-7843.