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The Blackboard Fridge is Here

Run out of milk again? Kids need a reminder to take their lunchboxes from the fridge? Or maybe you just need some words of encouragement to get you through the week? It’s not every day that a home appliance range takes into account the needs of a young family, which is exactly why we at HL love Miele’s new K 20.000 Blackboard Edition fridge-freezer. Offering a stylish solution to fussy fridge magnets, this innovative appliance allows for shopping lists, school timetables and forthcoming appointments to be written directly onto its door with school chalk or liquid chalk markers – and then to be wiped off again just as easily. Aside from being a highly visible space for those must-not-forget notes (we all wander over to the fridge more often than we do to almost any other nook of our homes, right?), its scribble-welcome surface is also a nifty way to keep little busy-bodies doodling away and out of your hair while you’re cooking. Miele Blackboard Fridge2 But Miele’s K 20.000 series offers more than just a pretty – or at least ‘adaptable’ – face. The line is decidedly contemporary and is packed with practical features that we figure make this fridge worthy of just about any modern kitchen. Take, for instance, the handle-less design – ideal for seamless visual integration, yet still user-friendly thanks to Click2open technology (you simply push the front of the fridge or freezer door with your finger and the door opens automatically). Another nifty new feature geared at offering solutions to real-world kitchen conundrums is the CompactCase drawer. This addition acknowledges that just as we need space for bigger items in the fridge, so smaller ones – a tube of mustard, a small jar of spice paste or a bar of chocolate – deserve their place too, without getting lost somewhere in the back of the fridge or cluttering up the door racks. The CompactCase drawer can be conveniently housed on any of the refrigerator's rack levels, allowing you to create the best space arrangement for your needs. Miele Blackboard Fridge3 Energy-efficiency is also key in creating appliances that cater to your needs as well as the planet’s. Every Miele model comes standard with an A++ or A+++ rating for best-in-market energy efficiency and energy-saving LED lighting that gradually brightens when the door is opened – a feature exclusive to the brand. The Miele K 20.000 Blackboard Edition has revealed functional sides to appliances that will change the ways in which we utilise our kitchens. We can’t help but wonder what will make its mark next. Visit to view all the brand's products.