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Tell a story with no ending and

We've all done that staring-down-the-mirrored-elevator thing when we were kids, but Canadian artist Guillaume Lachapelle's installation takes it a step further. His mirrored dioramas feature miniaturised, ordinary objects or spaces that when mirrored create the optical illusion of infinity. Using 3D printing technology, his Visions project explores new, merging universes where the ordinary is rendered extraordinary or unfamiliar. By transforming these everyday objects into the endlessly repeated uncanny, Lachapelle challenges our understanding of reality; A veritable 'smoke and mirrors' scenario. As with Andy Warhol's Pop Art repetitions and reproductions, the object becomes commodified, meaningless and therefore open to interrogation. 06-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions Each diorama sits on almost invisible pedestals in a dimly lit gallery, using only strategic lighting and the mirrors to create their haunting hallways that appear to be wormholes. When viewed from the side, you see only a single section and the object looks individual, but when viewed head on, the mirrors stretch this individual into infinity. Have a look at some of his mesmerising works here: 03-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions 10-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions i4ndex 11-Guillaume-Lachapelle-Visions in4dex Images credit: and   READ MORE: Tips for Hanging Mirrors Weylandts Modern Mirrors Rising Stars: Illustrators / Artists