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Love at first light

Woodenways is a trusted local crafter that specialises in high quality wooden products suitable for any home. So much more than a source of light, their new Teak Disk Lamp boasts a contemporary design that combines wood and metal in a striking way. This carefully designed statement piece will add an artistic flair and sense of modernity to any space. The lamp retails for R2 900 and will complement oak, mahogany or kiaat wood furniture. The solid wood disk may lend a rustic feel to the item, but thanks to the well-thought-out design it can be paired with modern or classic materials and an array of colours and patterns. We envision our Teak Disk Lamp on a bedside table or as a feature in a warm family room. Whether you are in search of a bed, side tables or lighting, Woodenways’ extensive range will cater to all your furniture needs. This post is sponsored by Woodenways.