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Table settings shoot

Greg Cox

If you haven't already done so, do yourself a favour and turn to page 21 of our December 2012 issue for a spread comprising four magical table settings, created by our talented HL decor team. Our Decor Editor, Jeanne Botes, together with production assistant Hanlie Nell, and photographer Greg Cox, produced this fabulous shoot to celebrate the imminent holiday season.

The process of sourcing items often takes as long as the shoot itself (if not longer) with the team having to visit store after store to find what they are looking for. Ultimately a lot of thought goes into each item used, from the knives and forks, to the furniture, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, fabrics and background textures. The shoot incorporated a range of products from the likes of, Haldane Martin, Entrepo, Klooftique, Sootcookie, Clementina Ceramics, and Ebony and Ivory, and then the bigger chain stores such as Woolworths and Mr Price Home, amongst others.

Photographer Greg Cox gets to work.

The various table settings were each intended to reflect a different look in order to cater to a number of tastes and moods. This first look is a more toned-down, neutral look with a muted palette that mixes whites and greys with a lot of light wood.

This festive meal option calls for breads, crackers and cheeses to keep things simple. Not a bad idea if you're not one to spend hours cooking in the kitchen.

Contrasting the first option is this colourful table setting, filled with sweet treats, bright blooms and dessert-ready tableware.

The team really went all out to create a party atmosphere for these shots, and we think they did a brilliant job.

The chosen fabrics also tie in with the floral touches on the ceramics and complement the actual flowers on the table, making the decor feel that much more cheerful and alive.

The third table setting adopts a simpler, more rustic approach with its Origami Nightingale mobile and pine cones, all of which are accented by the copper candlestick and other metallic touches.

Jeanne and Greg go through a few images in between shots to view their handiwork.

The fourth set is an Oriental-inspired ensemble, with sushi to boot. The gold items give it that extra 'glam' feel and work beautifully alongside the black side tables. Opt for this sort of festive fare if you're in the mood for something different and less traditional this year. Let us know which of these four looks is your favourite on our Facebook page or tweet us @houseleisureSA. See page 162 of our December 2012 issue for all the stockist information... Happy holidays!