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Studio Formafantasma

Established & Sons, Formafantasma, Gallery Libby Sellers

Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are Studio Formafantasma. Graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 the duo have since been commissioned by the likes of Fendi, Droog and Established and Sons. We met them during the London Design Festival in September last year, when we visited Established and Sons to view the installation 'From then on' created by the team in order to celebrate ten years of the brand. Each piece in the compelling display representing the passage of time differently. More here.

Established & Sons_From then On_Formafantasma_LDF_2014_01_Overview_Peer Lindgreen                         Established & Sons_From then On_Formafantasma_LDF_2014_03_Marble Clock_close-up_Peer Lindgreen                                                 Established & Sons_From then On_Formafantasma_LDF_2014_04_Saxophones Clock_A_Peer Lindgreen                                                 Established & Sons_From then On_Formafantasma_LDF_2014_07_Fan Clock_B_Peer Lindgreen                                                 [video width="590" height="392" mp4=""][/video]  

Recently, they've published a monograph, that coincided with the exhibition Prima Materia at the Stedelijk Museum. We're particularly looking forward to their visit to the Design Indaba next month!

Look out for trend #20 in our annual HL Trend Report (Jan/Feb issue) where we feature Formafantasma in our highlight of Timepieces.