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Stellar Coffee Table

At first glance this product by furniture designer William Ling appears to be a futuristic form with an undefined purpose. But on closer inspection, this Stellar Table demonstrates deliberate experimentation with an everyday object. William has been known to play with form and function in his designs, which all follow an unusual approach. This is precisely what makes his work so interesting – the unique interpretations of furniture pieces reflect his innate out-of-the-box thinking and talent for authentic design. The Stellar Coffee Table is one of William’s most popular pieces, which he says is 'greatly inspired by the deep mysteries of outer space' and was created via 'the concept of the distortion effect a black hole has on a neighbouring mass'. It also doubles up as a storage unit, with the multiple divisions offering a place to store magazines or other small objects. William says, ‘I manufactured one for the Design Times stand at Decorex and I have never seen so many books, magazines, flyers and business cards on one table before'! He explains, 'The honey spoon balls can hold books and anything that will fit inside really – they are quite adaptable'. William is all about fulfilling an individual's vision for a piece of furniture and therefore lets clients choose their own materials and colours, so that it really reflects their personality. The recommended price for the Stellar Table is R6 650 in birch plywood with a matt varnish. Although all timber versions are interior tables only, he is busy working on a polyurethane version that will be suitable for the outdoors. For more information or to see the rest of the range, contact Charlie Rose Furniture & Interior Design on 021-461-7045 or visit