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Stay Stylishly Connected

Keeping your laptop, phone and tablet charged at 100% is even more important these days when you're likely to lose power at any time. Here are a few a stylish and smart ways to charge your devices before load shedding hits. These unique designs will ensure that your device doesn't run out of juice. Find them online or pick them up on your next overseas trip. Locally, try DigiCape for similar products. moai_side_web_grande VenusOfCupertino-iPadDock-7_large_1024x1024 HerculesXIII_White_1024x1024 Eaton.London, lead by award-winning artist Scott Eaton created the Venus of Cupertino iPad docking station, Hercules XIII universal tablet stand and the Easter Island-inspired Moai iPad and iPhone docking station. We love the humour these products are imbued with. tuf02 tuf TUF Charge, while perhaps not wireless, will charge your devices up to 4 x faster than standard USB ports. Designed to work with Apple, Blackberry and Android mobile devices it will also 'fast charge' other USB-powered devices such as cameras, GPS's and MP3 players. charge02 charge03 The Switch charger is a neat charging stand equipped with Qi wireless charging standard technology.