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søvn revamp marries scandinavian heritage with african living

Lionel Henshaw
House and Leisure Søvn guest house When staying in a guesthouse in Cape Town, all you really want is for the space to be as beautiful as the setting around it. Søvn Experience+Lifestyle, a boutique guesthouse in Camps Bay, has revamped its premises to do just that. Partnering with several industry professionals to create an inspired design setting, the refurbished space integrates Scandinavian heritage with African living. Some of the style masters involved in the collaboration include James MudgeSt. Leger & VineyCrib Creations and Leon CCXIX. The idea behind the revamp was to create a unique, multifunctional space that could work in different ways. The result is a stunning makeover that adds individualised character to each space at Søvn.

the look

There are five rooms at Søvn Experience+Lifestyle. Each room has been given a unique, distinctive look. There're bold walls and fabrics that embrace the brightness of Africa, while overall – and in keeping with Scandinavian tradition – the look remains minimal and elegant. Everything from the wallpaper to the tiles in the bathroom was carefully picked out, and even the light fittings were specially chosen to work with each room's design. The addition of handcrafted furniture made by local craftsmen adds a homegrown touch to every room. The same care that was given to the rooms has been extended to Søvn's common areas too. Where the bathroom had tri-dimensional Portinari tiles imported from Brazil, the common areas and balconies all have natural stone tiles. The landscape was designed by Urbanveld, executed  by Ross Mcgill Landscaping with stonework by Elem Stonemasonry. Ana-Maria Tomic-Lategan was responsible for the design of all locally produced furniture, and played a key role in the overall look and feel of the project. She managed to create a space that feels connected, even though each space has its own look and feel.

common areas

House and Leisure Søvn guest house House andLeisure Søvn guest house

12 apostles room

House and Leisure Søvn guest house House and Leisure Søvn guest house

atlantic view

  House and Leisure Søvn guest house House and Leisure Søvn guest houseHouse and Leisure Søvn guest house

garden view

lion's head

sea view

House and Leisure Søvn guest house