smart thinking blinds

Clive Lovelock, Manager at Luxaflex explains that with the evolving technology of blind solutions, there are numerous things to consider before making your choice... Flexibility can often spell  weighty in wooden Venetians which is why many people battle with them. The continual pulling of a heavy load puts strain on the mechanism and can weaken it. I would suggest you steer away from wood in this case and opt for a decorative fabric blind instead. Look for a blind that offers a chain for ease of use, or better yet, a remote control. The next thing to decide is what kind of light you want in your space. Traditional Venetian blinds can throw a dramatic streaked light into the home, but newer varieties offer an indirect, subtler light that is filtered through fabric. The latter also shields furnishings and flooring from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The product I would recommend that ticks all of these boxes would be Luxaflex's stylish Silhouette Shade. With the practicality of a Venetian blind, it allows you to let in the precise amount of filtered light you desire using a system of S-shaped woven polyester vanes between double layers of sheer woven fabric. Adjusting the Light By tilting the vanes with a neat  beaded chain you can choose the position to suit the time of  day.  A further pull rolls the shade completely away. If your blinds are difficult to reach you can opt for the  electrically operated version that uses a remote control.  The vanes come in three sizes with the 100 mm option allowing for enhanced outside visibility, making it particularly effective if you have larger windows. Silhouette Shades are available in a selection of fabrics and subtle, soft colours ranging from light naturals to understated pastels. For more information visit Luxaflex or call them on 0861-5892-3539.