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5 small space tech ideas

When space is limited, it's time to think smartly about how to use it effectively. These technology ideas will help you create the space you thought you didn't have.

1. Mini entertainment

When it comes to screentime, small and mobile is better than a fixed station. So choose a tablet over a desktop, for example. Or just use one screen for everything from watching your favourite series to working on your big presentation.

2. Neat screen

Fix that screen to a wall using a fairly flexible mounting arm so that it's easy to push out of the way and adjust for a variety of viewing angles. You can then push it back against the wall when it's not in use, as well as pack away any paraphernalia, such as keyboard and mouse or portable speaker. Tech2

3. No screen at all

Skip a screen entirely and invest in a pocket projector that you can project against a blank wall when you want to work or watch a film. That way, your technology can be perfectly hidden until you really need it.

4. Go with multi-use

Multi-use docking stations are also a smart space choice. Choose one that offers plug, auxiliary and USB points and can also act as speakers, for example. In the kitchen, invest in appliances that are multi-purpose too, like a Nutribullet, which can whizz up your smoothie or mix up your pancake batter in no time.

5. Under-shelf lights

Add LED lighting strips underneath shelving to help create a sense of airiness and space, as well as to save yourself from having to add bulky lighting fixtures when space is already limited. Better still, you'll be saving on your electricity bill.