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Silk Road Fabric

House and Leisure Editor Naomi LarkinEvery year in our combined January/February edition, we publish our much-anticipated House and Leisure Trend Report and it’s fun to watch the trends we predict pop up over the following year. The new Silk Road fabric collection from Lula Fabrics caught our eye, as it incorporates two of the trends we forecasted – ethnic prints and dirty colours. Inspired by the hand-woven textiles of ancient China and the desert oases of Bhukhara, Samarkand, Kashgar (now Uzbekistan), the collection evokes the days of traders carrying fabrics along the famous Silk Road route between China and Russia. ‘The old-style textile designs of the Ikat and Suzani are one of Lula Fabrics’ favourite design themes,’ says Melissa Kerkhoff, creative designer at Lula Fabrics. Ikat, which is one of the oldest methods of patterning a fabric, is a traditional dyeing and weaving technique that is thought to have started in pre-Colombian South America. Suzani, on the other hand, originated in Uzbekistan and is an embroidered tribal textile. The range is based on these two techniques and features rustic plain cotton weaves in aqua, chartreuse, pink, charcoal and grey, which complement the bold, oversized prints wonderfully. ‘We love the relaxed hand-woven effect the Ikat method of weaving brings to textiles and have successfully translated this striped edge effect in our printed designs,’ says Melissa. A casual range with a rich, antique feel to it, The Silk Road Collection is ideal for upholstery, slipcovers and curtaining. Great news is that Lula Fabrics will be digitally printing wallpaper with these designs, too.   Naomi Larkin  Editor – House and Leisure   For more information call 021-461-0620 or visit