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Ruth Sack's 'Furniture Store' Exhibition

Ruth Sack began exhibiting her work in the late '80s and early '90s before going on a 20-year hiatus. During this time, she ran an arts-education NGO and taught both teachers and students to paint, draw and create. Ruth is now painting again and will be exhibiting her work at the 'Furniture Store' exhibition at the Upstairs @ Bamboo gallery. According to the artist herself, the concept behind the exhibition's theme is thus: 'Anyone in my extended family who ever emigrated, or died, or moved up in the world left me their furniture. I am surrounded: furniture has multiplied and grown and risen around me. Possibly it remains because some of it contains stories, or was beautiful once, or is wanted for some improbable future time by some other, younger members of the family, or because it grew immoveable roots into the floor. It is also a kind of converse of a sight. I too often come across (under highways or on pavements in the inner city) extended families, just evicted from buildings, seated on wrecked armchairs or petrol cans under rain or sun, sometimes for days, surrounded by furniture - objects of extraordinarily lost and little value, and simultaneously of extraordinary and overwhelming import. Visit the exhibition at Upstairs @ Bamboo on the corner of Rustenburg Road & Ninth Street, Melville, Johannesburg between 8 June and 17 June 2013. You can contact the gallery on 083-284-6226 for further information. Compiled by Lindi Brownell Meiring