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Rush Hour

Michael Franke; Rushmatters

Not only do we love that Christopher Jenner's new Rush chair marries a traditional craft with modern technology, but we're also excited about the fact that it's the result of yet another South African doing amazing work internationally.

rushchair A model of the chair during the design phase.

Born and trained locally, Jenner now works out of a highly successful London-based studio, and his covetable new seat - the first chair he's designed - is being showcased at the prestigious Gallery FUMI in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, during the European 2016 summer.
rush2 Harvesting the rush on the river Ouse.

The limited edition chair (there are 12 in the series) was born from free-hand drawings traced by Jenner, which were then turned into 3D form using advanced modelling technology. The body of the chair was woven from the stalks of a native English rush plant by Felicity Irons, which is one of the last remaining artisans in Europe working in the traditional British craft of rush weaving.
rush4 The weaving process takes seven weeks to complete.

A frame made from various curved pieces of English oak complements the natural texture of the woven rush to create a truly beautiful piece of furniture that just begs the body to collapse into it and relax.
rush5 The oak frame being fixed together.

To find out more about Christopher Jenner's work and his commitment to re-imagining ancient techniques through technology, visit