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Robin Sprong Azulejos

We’re mad for the latest creations of Cape Town surface design team Robin Sprong. Taking its cue from the popular hand painted ceramic tile work found all over Portugal, the Azulejos range of wallpapers is a hit with us, not to mention its alignment with the Cape Dutch trend. So they’re not the real deal, but the Azulejos wallpapers will fool even the sharpest eye and best of all there’s no tiling to be done. ‘After researching different styles, I came across the Portuguese method of capturing historical moments through drawings on glazed tiles. I began to recreate patterns, make my own and work with their styles and colours to create new contemporary versions of this age old Portuguese practice,’ explains designer Robyn Thompson. In their journey to becoming the modern version of the historic favourite, the tile designs have been hand painted using a Wacom pad and crafted on an iMac; they’re all colour changeable, scalable and resizable for any wall in any space in the world. Choose from a wide array of designs in the collection, our pick is no 21. Wallpaper costs R350m/2 for the wallpaper and R120m/2 for installation. For more information visit Robin Sprong, or call them on 021-447-9842.