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WOMAG recently introduced a new range of tiles that gives the appearance of natural stone, but are made from 100% Italian porcelain. HL chatted to WOMAG director, Oren Sachs, about their dynamic and innovative Marco Blend Stone tiles and found out more about which rooms tiles are best suited to. What are the benefits of porcelain over natural stone? There is no need to seal the tiles, reducing installation and maintenance costs, as well as effort. The variation in porcelain tiles that imitate natural stone is always controlled. In addition, porcelain tiles more durable and do not crack as easily as softer natural stone. The Marco Blend Stone tiles have the added benefit of allowing thin grouting, reducing lines and increasing uniformity. Which rooms are tiles best suited to? The Marco Blend Stone can be used throughout the home from entrance halls, through to the lounge and into kitchens. The tiles are suited for outdoor use, however they're not recommended for use in areas that will get wet too often. Being extremely durable and easy to clean, the Marco Blend Stone tiles are also perfectly suited for commercial use. What’s the best way to clean porcelain tiles? There is no need for any special cleaning solutions or polishes. Porcelain tiles are best cleaned with soapy water. Day-to-day cleaning only involves a simple sweep. Do tiles work well with other surfaces in the home? These tiles pair perfectly against wood, screed and carpeting. With a range of colours available, it is easy to match the tiles to your existing flooring. The tiles are only suited to flooring and should not be used on walls or counters. Are there any other benefits to having these tiles? Marco Blend Stone tiles provide the warmth and movement one would usually expect from natural stone, but with all the benefits of 100% Italian porcelain. Unglazed, and perfect for indoor applications, Marco Blend Stone porcelain tiles are not only highly resistant to stains, scratches and moisture, they are easily maintained and there is no need for speciality cleaning, waxing, polishing or sealing. To see the new range, head to the WOMAG showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. For more information, visit