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Q&A: Sutherlands

Renowned for their classic aesthetic and the quality and craftsmanship of their pieces, Sutherlands is one of South Africa’s leading furniture and home decor stores. We asked their lifestyle coordinator Shay Spiers for some tips on incorporating classic investment pieces into your home. What are the key trends in your latest collections? Natural, neutral textures combined with a splash of fresh and vibrant colour. For instance, pair a charcoal grey with a burst of yellow. The focus should be on texture. We have just launched our 'Deconstructed' range, which is raw, textural and natural and will complement most styles while being perfectly confident standing alone. We also recently launched a range of beautiful, colourful scatter cushions that pair gigantic florals with structured geometrics. Our current colour crushes include 'greige', charcoal and yellow. What is the best way to go about creating a classic, yet modern look for your home from scratch? Simplicity is key, so taking a ‘less is more’ approach is the best way to keep things modern. Walls, floors and anchor furniture pieces should be in neutral colours, so they don't control the room. Save your favourite colours for accessories. A good starting point is to paint the walls a soft shade of griege (such as Plascon Resplendent or Permafrost). Choose an accent wall to paint a shade darker or accentuate with wallpaper. Remember to keep the room light and bright. Accessorise rooms with colour and textured layers. Linen, velvet, weave and silk work well. Add colour with an occasional accent chair or scatter cushion. Lighting is also very important as it creates ambience and mood. It will complete the look and feel you are after, as well as provide an accent/design piece. Can you offer any tips on combining contemporary and classic style furniture with family heirlooms? The biggest trend is to 'mix things up'. There are no rules anymore when it comes to style, as it is incredibly personal. However, one should always remember to keep proportions correct. Don't pair a small, frilly antique piece with a bold, chunky contemporary piece. Each item is entitled to its own space, so always take a step back, look at the composition and make sure that each piece is equally balanced. What should you look out for when buying special pieces? Buy things that speak to you; something you think is beautiful, has soul and that you want to see every day. Family heirlooms are about history and their story; a story about how this item relates to its owner, about how it made them feel, why they loved it, what it represents and why they collected and have kept it all this time. What are your favourite materials to use for furniture and why? For upholstery items, it must be linen. Look for a rich linen with visible texture and slub. For hard furnishings, I love raw wood that's been bleached and textured by the elements. For more information, visit