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Q&A: Pierre Cronje

Acknowledging the 'soul' of the natural and wonderful material that is wood, master furniture maker Pierre Cronje insists upon having an awareness of our environment. He filled us in about his eco-friendly vision and gave us the scoop about his sustainable Simply Pierre range. What makes Pierre Cronje furniture ‘green’? We are very humbled by the immense energy, time and space that a 300-year-old tree has occupied, but it is then a recycling process that takes place. By utilising a natural material we are living with our environment, in harmony, as opposed to using oil originated products. Wood lives on with you, it only gains intrigue and appeal the longer you love and live with it. Tell us more about Simply Pierre? Simply Pierre is our new range, created with the idea of making the brand more accessible to furniture lovers. It is more dynamic and will reflect customer feedback and requirements. What are you currently designing? I am now designing and developing a range of simplified, minimalised furniture which is more affordable and suitable for an effective, low maintenance lifestyle. Inspiration behind your collections? Foremost, I am passionate about structurally inspired design. The aesthetic must be governed by sound engineering. Your trend predictions for furniture? The trend forward must be a discerning intellectual and enlightened choice of materials that retains the ‘soul’ of the wood, leading to a more functional design. Surely, in a bid to conserve our energy resources, it makes sense to live with real, natural wood that has both authentic origin and character with a story to tell of the years gone by.