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Q&A: How Secure is Your Home?

Your safety is of primary importance! With the crime rate on the rise all over the world we need to be more aware of our surroundings. HL chatted to Clint Jones, Product and Marketing Manager from Yale Security (SA), about National Home Security Month and what we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe:   Are you still hiding your keys under the front door mat or your favourite pot plant or garden gnome? Do you know what lock you have on your front door? More importantly if you accidentally locked yourself outside your house, could you 'break in'? National Home Security Month, supported by Yale, SA's most recognised and trusted name in the locking industry, is designed to create awareness around home security and to highlight ways in which you can keep your home and family safe throughout the year. National Home Security month officially takes place in March... which is one of the more popular times for perpetrators to attack. Designed for everyone, especially homeowners and tenants with homes to protect and with the day-today pressures of work and family life, it's easy to overlook home security, so we offer handy tips, precautions and advice on how to protect you, your home and your possessions throughout the year. We also offer a platform where you can get in touch with supporters of the campaign nationally who will assist you with upgrading the security of your home, offer self-defence courses and should the need arise, get you in touch with a victim support centre in your area. Latest crime statistics reveal the following concerning data around residential crime in South Africa: House robberies have increased by 3.6% and house burglaries went up by 3.3%; to place this in context, on average 290 robberies are reported every day. In other words every 5 minutes a robbery takes place. In the 2012 Victims of Crime Survey (VOCS), housebreaking and robbery were highlighted as crimes that people in South Africa are most fearful of. With the above crime statistics in mind, it is important to start creating a secure and safe environment for yourself and your family and to have a 'preventative' rather than 'reactive' mindset as often incidents are opportunists that take advantage when it is easier to attack and simple security measures have not been put in place to deter burglars. 'We are committed to promoting the importance of keeping safe and secure and that’s why we believe it’s important to fully get behind the National Security Month campaign.' Visit National Home Security Month at and discover how you can make your home a secure environment or how you too can become a supporter. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and for safety advice and tips... and together we can fight crime. For more information, visit: