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Plates that narrate

Jac de Villiers

We recently chatted to Cape Town-based artist Michael Taylor about his foray into ceramics. Though a departure from the illustrative paintings and drawings he's renowned for, the collection of plates that he conceptualised for the exhibition While We Were Lost have the same whimsical, narrative feel as his former works. MichaelTaylorPlates Organic and unrefined, his hand-built plates work together as a group of objects that tell a story that references the lost boys of Peter Pan's Neverland. A close look reveals rough figures and island vegetation, and the collection as a whole transports its viewer into a distant imaginary world. Although the final products are intriguing, what's really interesting is the way in which Michael creates each object, working paper clay into shallow dishes that resemble pie crusts and that are purposefully imperfect, with rough edges, asymmetrical shapes and rudimentary grooves and craters. As the artist explains, the crude aesthetic is meant to be an influential part of the story. plates3 Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making these eye-catching plates.

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