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Getting To Know The Colour Manager


Plascon's much-anticipated annual colour forecast, is one of our go-to sources for predicting upcoming interior trends. We caught up with Plascon's colour manager, Anne Roselt to talk about the key trends for 2017. We also gain further insight into this dynamic business. We’re currently focusing on the biggest trends in design for 2017. In terms of colour, if you had to choose one, which would you choose as the ‘trendiest’ shade this year? I think natural will be the new grey! In this fast paced and changing world, I feel like we all need to take a deep breath and stay calm, so I am going to choose Plascon’s colour of the year - In the Mood, a soft earthy neutral colour that's close to taupe. My favorite colour in the forecast is Petite White, a soft grey green.

untitled-design-copy Anne Roselt

When forecasting colours and trends, which sources do you consult? What inspires your choices? I visit décor, surface and design shows locally and internationally - London Design week for example. We are drawn to colours that inspire us or reflect what we need so I also monitor the mood of society as well as what is happening economically, socially and environmentally. Then once a year, I present these findings at a colour trend panel meeting in London together with other colour designers from various design industries and we all discuss and share our thoughts and ideas. We come out of it with a consensus on the colour directions for the year ahead. Are there any painting techniques or styles that you predict will be popular in 2017? Washes and gradations in colour that are dream-like, and cocooning will be popular. Geometric designs remain strong. Painting furniture continues on its upward path. screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-12-25-36-pm What tips do you have for home owners who want to give their space a colour trend makeover using paint, but who don’t necessarily want to repaint their entire home? Start with one room, have a look at the Plascon Colour forecast and decide which theme appeals to you – there are lots of examples to inspire you and colours that have been tried and tested. How do you incorporate colour trends in your personal space? I like to paint when I feel a room is looking tired and needs a lift. I have a beach styled home so I have gone for an off-white called Hudson (from the 2017 Colour forecast). I then do feature walls in a paint effect or a colour I am drawn to that reminds me of the sea. For example Deep Sea Reef and Windblown. I have also painted nearly all my furniture as it gives the pieces new life and a trendy look. My family love getting involved and having a say, although I dare not do anything in my children’s rooms without their permission. prism-3 How do you know when a colour combination works? When the two colours enhance one another and balance each other. When a room looks good and feels good that’s when you having a winning combo. What advice do you have for new home owners who are starting with a clean slate and want to give their home an updated look while making sure that it remains timeless? Make up a mood board – be sure to put colours on it that you have and cannot change. For example, the colour of your carpet or floor, the colour of your curtains or couch. Find inspirational décor shots that you love and add those, you will see a theme come together. Decide on a colour that fits in with the theme and ties everything together. anon-5 What is the favourite part of your role as a colour manager and trends expert? Being inspired and surprised every day by colours and designs from talented people from around the world – especially South African designers. Being able to share this and inspire people to make the spaces they work and play in, happy and healthy. In your experience, how do you see the link between colour and psychology? Is there one and how should it influence our colour choices? Colour has an energy (a wavelength and frequency) which affects us whether you like that colour or not. That is why so many people are afraid to use it. The best part is that if you get to understand the energy that each and every colour has, you can use colour to enhance your life. Ever wondered why green is so popular? Green is a balancing colour, it is a great stress reliever and links us to nature. Any last thoughts? Be sure to pick up a 2017 Colour Forecast brochure the next time you visit a Plascon stockist or visit