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Pilgrim's End

About a thousand years ago, after being exiled to Jerusalem by his brother the king, Prince Lalibela returned to Ethiopia with the intention of building an African Jerusalem. He chose a small town, some 2600m high in the mountains of northern Ethiopia, and over the next two decades carved fine-detailed rock churches into red monolithic rock faces connected by passages and underground tunnels.

Photographer Sarah Issacs will be hosting her first solo exhibition, documenting the Ethiopian pilgrims who travel from all over the country to Lalibela each year to celebrate Orthodox Christmas. The exhibit is entitled Pilgrim’s End.

Sarah says that each of these portraits and the pilgrims behind them taught her something about the art of making photographs. 'The art of sitting still, watching and waiting for that rare moment when light, subject and unspoken trust come together to create a frame that is special.'

The exhibition launched on Tuesday 24th March and runs until 12th April at The Bello Studio, Biscuit Mill, Woodstock.

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