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Pick the Perfect Layers for your Home

In the same way that we wrap ourselves tightly in accessories like scarves to keep the winter chill at bay, our homes can also benefit during the chilly season from a few extra layers in the form of blankets and throws. Fortunately, we're spoiled for choice in this department, with a dizzying array of warming textured options - so much so that it becomes quite difficult to select the right ones for your space. We chatted to Sharon Fihrer, co-founder of leading interior design company  Head Interiors, to get the essential winter blanket scoop. Here she shares her top five tips for selecting the right throws and blankets for your home this winter. head-interiors-blankets-one

use the touch test

A mixture of textures makes things visually interesting, so select a variety of options that look and feel good. When it comes to throws, use the touch test to select the right fabric. Seek out items with fibres that feel warm and luxurious against the skin, like cashmere, lamb's wool or 100% wool.

Consider Size

Ensure that you get the dimensions right. A good throw should measure 140 x 200cm to fit across the bottom of a bed. This is also a great size to throw over your legs on a cool evening.

Experiment with Colour

With the winter sun making everything a little duller, it's a good idea to carefully choose throws that will introduce colour into the room and warm up your space. Neatly fold a throw lengthwise over a chaise, or casually throw a textured blanket over a chair to create a warm and welcoming mood.

Rejuvenate an Existing Look

Pick coverings that will add life to your home's existing aesthetic. For example, you can achieve an instant makeover to your much-loved sofa by adding a decorative throw to make it look fresh and new. Throws and blankets can also create a great contrast to a neutral background.

be creative and confident

Throw out the rule book– there's no need to take the safe approach when introducing a blanket into your home. Unexpected colour combinations add vibrancy and depth to a living space. If your aesthetic does lean towards a more understated style, explore different textures, like finer gauges and open-weave fabrications; embrace interesting details, such as suede finishes, and patterns like herringbone, to add lustre. head-interiors-blankets-two For more information visit and follow the brand on Instagram at @headinteriors and on Facebook for inspiration.