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Perfectly Imperfect

HL’s Creative Director Katherine Botes encountered the work of Richard Brendon in London last year... she tells us more: I'm mad about the work of British designer Richard Brendon. His smart ceramics, unfortunately not stocked on our shores, have me devising bribes for friends travelling internationally... but ceramics are not so easy to squash into corners of suitcases. That said, I did once convince my husband to bring back four tea cups from New York, which amazingly made it undamaged through transit. Or if feeling flush, one could possibly consider shipping these beauties... Richard-Brendon-Speck01   SPECK (above) - Every piece in this range is decorated with seemingly random dots. In the manufacture of bone china, tiny black dots - known as 'speck' - can be left on otherwise blemish-free finished pieces. Considered imperfections these pieces are often discarded or left for designs that cover up much of the surface are of the china. The Speck collection celebrates these imperfections by covering each speck with at small copper dot, and the result is a unique collection, challenging tradition. Reflect1   reflect02 REFLECT (pictured above). Do you own any lonely crockery passed down from your grandmother? Lonely in that perhaps the tea cup has broken and only the saucer might remain? The bone china cups in this 'Reflect' range are hand painted with platinum in order to create a reflective teacup. These cups, paired with carefully sourced antique 'orphan' saucers, then reflect the pattern of the saucer - which results in a perfect pair. A clever way to give life and use back to what may have been redundant objects. See Richard Brendon's collaboration with Patternity here.