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Percolated Paintings

Though not a new art form, painting with coffee has recently gained some traction but none so profoundly - or sustainably - as Indonesian artist and total coffee addict Ghidaq al-Nizar's. What started out as a latte art hobby has become a daily Instagram-worthy act of beauty (unsurprisingly, his handle is @coffeetopia). Using the last remaining drops of his daily brew, al-Nizar paints tiny, detailed scenes onto dried leaves, leaving nothing to waste - not even the ground beans! With a project he calls #ZeroWasteCoffee, the aged, sepia and mocha tones of the leaves and the coffee merge to create stunningly evocative, caffeinated paintings. HL chatted to Al-Nizar to ask why coffee is his medium of choice and he explained, 'Why coffee? Because I love intimacy. I feel it with coffee and it’s fun to have fun with something you love. So I can’t find any better medium to celebrate my feelings'. As al-Nazir so rightly points out on his Facebook page, 'save the earth - it's the only planet with coffee'. Have a look at some of his incredible art here, and try not to get too much of a caffeine high:

14 8 22. Hi, my little friend,enjoy my morning coffee? -_-" A gecko made of coffee grinds. :D #zerowastecoffee & #seniampaskopi A photo posted by Ghidaq al-Nizar (coffee) (@coffeetopia) on
  For more info visit al-Nazir's Facebook and Instagram pages.