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How to choose pendant lights

You have to appreciate how pendant lighting brings together utilitarian efficiency and style. Different rooms have different requirements – and moods – so how do you know which is the best light to use, and where? An expert from Eurolux suggests the perfect partners: What works best in the kitchen? kitchen lifetsyle shot_eurolux It's a work space, so it's important to have functional lighting that provides good-quality, clear light on kitchen surfaces. Use LED or CFL products that are Cool White. What's appropriate for a bedroom? bedroom lifetsyle shot_eurolux In the bedroom, you should opt for lighting that is dimmable, ideally Warm White. You also need to ensure that there is enough task lighting to be able to read in bed or to provide light inside wardrobes. How much light does one need in a dining room? dinning room lifestyle shot_ eurolux Warm White lamps would work best, either Halogen or LEDs that are dimmable, to create an inviting, warm ambience. What's the ideal floor-to-ceiling height for a pendant light? The optimal floor-to-ceiling height of a pendant depends on the height between the ceiling and the work surface. You need to position the pendant so that it is above eye level but still shines enough light on the work surface. How can a home's lighting be more eco-friendly? The best way to make your home more eco-friendly is to ensure that the light fittings that are used the most are energy-efficient. Lighting consumes up to 30% of the electricity in a home, so choosing energy-efficient options is an easy, effective way to start saving.