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Opentop Table

Amoq is a furniture company that seeks to challenge the world of furniture by creating inspiring, innovative products, essentially, ‘Liberating It’. It was founded by Trevor Hollard, Heather Hollard and Rowan Mardghum in 2010 and has received wide acclaim since, especially for its tube chairs and opentop tables. 'Opentop is a set of legs and belts that together clamp onto a door or rigid frame to make up a table', says Rowan when HL asked about the design. 'They are unique because they allow you to construct your own table'. Choose from the range of metal table legs (available in different colours) and strap them to a surface of your choice. Opt for an old door or repossessed floor to make a unique and very eccentric table. If you wish to find out more about the product or purchase your own, call them on 0861 000115 or email Alternatively, you can visit their website: They deliver throughout the country. Opentops retail for R1200.