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Oh heavenly pot!

There are some cooks who think that their All-Clad or Le Creuset cookware is just heaven-sent. Norwegian photographer Christopher Jonassen actually sees a whole celestial cosmos underneath each pan... Non-stick, copper, anodised aluminium or cast iron, Jonassen has discovered an entire universe scratched upon the bottoms of the humble cooking pan.  His striking photographs, compiled in a book called Devour, feature the pots against a black background, much like the moon or planets in the night sky. In an interview by Peter Smith for the online portal GOOD Jonassen explains his fascination with frying pans: Christopher Jonassen: When I was studying abroad in Australia, I lived in a cheap share house with some friends and the cooking utensils were banged up in a pretty bad way. It fascinated me to see how everyday life was wearing out the metal of the frying pans, one tiny scratch at a time. GOOD: They look more like celestial objects than cooking utensils. Jonassen: Yes, this is part of the idea, to create a link between the tiny marks we leave behind everyday to the enormous impact this adds up to over time. I am very concerned about the way we are treating this planet. Also, I think its important to notice the beauty in the small things we surround ourselves with everyday. When asked whether he would ever cook with these pans, he replied, rather sagely, “I wouldn't recommend using these pans for cooking. When I do cook, I cook with raw and fresh ingredients. I think this is key for a healthy diet. And I try to buy local whenever it's possible.” We think these photgraphs are rather intriguing, perhaps moreso for their creative edge than their functional use. Text:Bambina Olivares Wise Images: Copyright Christopher Jonassen