noxi ntshaba is the face of shf for april | House and Leisure

noxi ntshaba is the face of shf for april

Meet Noxi Ntshaba. This bright and empowered tastemaker is the SHF ambassador for April. She embodies the SHF’s uncluttered aesthetic with her pared down uncomplicated style. She oozes authenticity and an infectious sense of adventure, making her a wonderful addition to the #shfdefineyourself hall of fame! Whether she is in the jungles of Ciudad Perdida or the corridors of the United Nations buildings in New York City, Noxi is right at home. Regal and dignified, yet seamlessly unostentatious and down to earth, Noxi embodies a very distinctive African style. She joined the SHF team at the world-famous Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse at the foot of the majestic Drakensburg. There they got to experience and elevate the sophistication and style they both love. Noxi was glad t to let her hair down and express her good spirit, gorgeous smile and genuine warmth with SHF.

you could be the next face of shf

You could become the next face of SHF with the #shfdefineyourself competition. Join the SHF generation with everyday personalities like Noxi Ntshaba. Do you fancy yourself a creative individual with a flair for style and luxury that embodies the #shfdefineyourself campaign? SHF would love you to show off your style! To follow in the footsteps of Noxi Ntshaba, the SHF ambassador for April, a strong and independent woman of Africa, you could win a voucher to the value of R 25 000, be treated like a celebrity for a day complete with a professional photoshoot, be featured in the trendiest lifestyle magazines in South Africa, and join our new generation of brand ambassadors! Show off your creativity – visit your nearest SHF gallery or go to their website and select pieces that speak to you the most – we’re talking homeware and furniture that represent who you are as a trendsetter and style icon, and create a moodboard that visually communicates your style to SHF. Post your moodboard to SHF's social media pages with the hashtag #shfdefineyourself to find yourself in the running to join Noxi! *Terms and conditions apply.

find inspiration in noxi’s top picks from shf below

Rala Sofa R 35 000

Prima Chandelier R 6 500

Clemance Scatter R1100

Flamenco Chair R 8 500

Small and Large Coil Candle Laterns from R 750

Guild Bowls from R 1 250

Ernst Side Table R1350

Dali Coffee Table R 2 750

Lizard Object R 1000

Column Gold Planter  from R350

Feather Object R 550 each

Rose Plaque R 3 500

Shanti Rug R 8 500