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Not just another brick in the wall

From 3D tiles to wooden cladding, there are many ways to make an impact in the world of interiors. Here, House and Leisure's junior art director Gemma Bedforth looks at a few of the many techniques and styles you can employ when updating your living space with a statement wall.

hand-painted mural

Image credit: David Ross

Bring the outside in with a hand-painted mural of your favourite natural scene. To simplify a busy artwork, choose tones that will blend in with your existing decor, much like this forest mural by Carl Maritz.

3D tiles

statement wall Image credit: Italtile

Creating interest in a bathroom can be a challenge as there are extra factors, such as whether or not a material is waterproof, to take into account. Decorative, 3D tiles add texture to a space. By keeping the rest of the interior minimal, you allow the wall to become the hero.

preservation and restoration

statement wall Image credit: Rough Luxe hotel

When renovating a space, consider preserving or restoring an original wall. As you begin stripping off old plaster and paint, you might be surprised by what is revealed. Use a mixture of modern and vintage furniture, art and decor to complement a historic feature wall – a technique executed beautifully at the popular Rough Luxe hotel in London.

shattered geometry

statement wall Image credit: Tia Borgsmidt

Broken or shattered geometrics are an ultra-graphic way to make a statement, and they're also fun and easy to create. Use masking tape to achieve straight lines and choose a palette of three colours that will work well with the theme of your room.

wooden cladding

statement wall Image credit: David Ross

Use wooden panels and cladding to create a variety of patterns and shapes that add a textural layer to your decor. Graphic impact aside, the additional layer of wood will also help retain warmth during the colder months.

photo-realistic wallpapers

statement wall Image credit: Elsa Young

For a striking yet minimal look, consider a patterned wallpaper – such as the one seen above in the bedroom of Roberta and Paul Thatcher’s Parkhurst home. The photo-realistic effect speaks for itself and refuses to fade into the background.

half painted

Image credit: Reid Rolls

In an interior with a strong colour scheme, try a spot colour in the same tone as the existing decor for a highlighted panel or focal wall. For an even braver DIY look, experiment a bit by painting over artworks and furniture to create an optical illusion of sorts.

climbing walls

Image credit: Elsa Young

Dedicate an area of the garden wall to kids' entertainment. A climbing wall is a great way to encourage little ones to spend some time outside by cleverly utilising an otherwise bare area. Bright colours pair well with astroturf, a water-wise and easy-to-maintain grass alternative.

reflective surfaces

Image credit: Greg Cox

Mirrors are a great way to bring an extra dimension into your space, especially in smaller rooms. Take it a step further with a bold metallic sheet, such as in this copper-panelled wall, seen in the bedroom of Dane Erweé and Chris Willemse's Western Cape farmhouse.

living walls

Image credit: Elsa Young

For the green-fingered, a brilliant way to create a statement is with plants. Use a variety of indoor flora, including grasses, succulents and florals, to create a living wall that perfectly matches your aesthetic.