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No Man’s Art Gallery

The idea behind the unique setup of the No Man’s Art Gallery was to create an international platform for young artists by organising pop-up galleries around the world. This month the first South African No Man’s Art pop-up gallery will open in Cape Town at a secret location. The gallery, which is set up over the course of three months, will only be open for ten days before moving on to the next city. The travelling gallery will showcase work from talented local artists as well as works from previous international exhibitions including works from Merijn Kavelaars, Aixia Li, Mattijn Franssen, Julie Nymann, Nini Sum and Bertrand Peyrot. The gallery will showcase a variety of media including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, corrosion drawings and video art alongside the best results of the Blikkiesdorp Photography Contest. This project run by the gallery offers children from the township of Blikkiesdorp the opportunity to experiment artistically with photography by giving them cameras, a photography workshop and feedback on their photos. The Cape Town exhibition opens on 27 March 2014 from 7pm until midnight and runs until 6 April 2014.  The Art in the Dark exhibition takes place on 3 April 2014 from 6pm until 10:30pm. Sign up on their website to receive your invitation and details about the location. For more information, visit