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New art exhibition: Ex Nihilo

Abstract artist Maja Maljević exhibits solo for the first time this month at David Krut Projects, the alternative arts institution. Titled Ex Nihilo, the exhibition will run until 15 October, 2012, at the gallery's Cape Town space. Meaning 'out of nothing' in Latin, ex nihilo is a phrase that's most commonly used in religious and theological concepts of the universe. However, the term can be used to describe anything from a topic of conversation to a problem's solution, provided that it appears to have no precursor and comes into existence independently. It's this use of term that makes it appropriate for Maljević’s paintings and drawings. While viewers of abstract art generally search for clues to understand the piece's meaning, Maljević’s work won't offer the usual answers. Maljević’s pieces have no meaning in the general sense of the term, but they still derive, in some way, from the world and artist's own life. Maljević filters this material in a process that is experiential and emotive, governed by aesthetics, balance and proportion. It's an innovative approach to abstract art that will appeal to new and seasoned abstract enthusiasts alike. The exhibition is already underway at David Krut Projects, Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Avenue, Cape Town. For more information contact 021-685-0676 or visit