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Mr Wobbles lamp

Since they launched in 2010, South African designers, Snapp Design, have been making waves in the local homeware industry with their functional, stylish products, such as the award-winning Slice chopping board. 'The possibility of having a subtle impact on humanity through inspirational products was the motivation behind myself and my partner Renko Nieman when we established Snapp Design,' says co-founder Jonathan Fundudis. The duo recently released their new range, at Design Indaba 2012, and one quirky character that caught our eye was Mr Wobbles, a truly dignified table lamp. In their uniquely non-conventional way, Snapp introduced Mr Wobbles, with a poem: I’m light-hearted, soft and round yet try and knock me over and I'll simply stand my ground With a body of cork and a heavy base you can push me around but I will remain in one place 'Our intention was to create a table lamp with its own persona through the element of interaction,' says Jonathan. The design duo believe that timeless design is meaningful and not merely governed by a manufacturing process or a material. 'It should evoke an emotion and contribute to a state of wellbeing,' says Jonathan. Mr Wobbles therefore has a weighted base and a capsule form that allow him to 'wobble' when handled, creating an instant persona and guaranteeing affection from his owner. 'Despite the best efforts to knock him over, he'll always return to his original position.'  Mr Wobbles is available for R1 399 from