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Mozambique in Fabric Form

Those who have travelled to far-flung places will be familiar with the way in which a simple tune, smell or taste can come to embody an entire destination in your memory. Ingeniously, designer Candice dos Santos has managed to do this with fabrics, capturing the sights and sounds and scents of coastal Mozambique in textile form. fabrics1 Created for T&Co Fabrics and launched at 100% Design South Africa, the new Jungleow range is, in Candice's words, 'a passionate fabric collection taken from my everyday life spent living in Mozambique'. The bold colours, lively patterns and tribal motifs speak of the balmy air, cool waters, white sand, smiley people and bustling streets of Maputo and beyond. fabrics2 Designs like the graphic Banana Leaf and Netted pay tribute to the large fronds of the banana tree and the traditional fishing nets used by locals respectively, while Flora takes its inspiration from the bright floral sarongs of Mozambique and the hand-painted Portuguese tiles adorning buildings. And then there's also Wave, a nod to basket weaving and ocean swells, and Flow, which has its roots in the cement structures used to direct rain water on the sides of roads. fabrics3 The youthful vigour of this textile range makes it perfect for any contemporary interior, but these fabrics can also be used to add a shot of energy to a more subdued space. And, the bonus is, you won't be able to look at your new curtains or recently covered scatters or armchair without envisioning lazy days in the sun on Mozambique's sandy shores. Visit to find out more.   Save