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interior mood boards inspired by oggie flooring

Ian Martin

With its superior quality, passion for interiors and fantastic customer service, it's easy to see why Oggie Flooring has become the most desired hardwood flooring brand in South Africa. All of its products come with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and, as the only South African flooring company that has internationally recognised FSC 100% certification, it's clear that Oggie puts the planet first. (In case you didn't know, the FSC labels essentially promise that all trees used to create products are then replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.)

Used in top design spaces such as Cape Town's Silo Hotel and Joburg's Marble restaurant, Oggie should be your go-to when it comes to beautiful, durable floors. To show you just how versatile Oggie's flooring options are, we've created four mood boards inspired by its four ranges using this season's on-trend colours, textures and prints. The decor possibilities are endless, with Oggie.

dining with oggie

Minimal, sophisticated and moody, we love Oggie's Black Wash flooring from the Ande range for the dining room. Pair this inky floor with striking furniture and artworks to create a bold aesthetic. You can either go all-out with black walls or, for a softer feel, introduce a selection of colourful, contrasting accents to cut the darkness.

entertaining with oggie

Keep things bright in your kitchen with Oggie's Grey Mist Wire Brushed flooring from the Oliato range. The light walnut palette will make your space feel bigger, while the subtle texture is ideal for a central space that is subject to a lot of foot traffic. Pair with neutral walls or, for a grand statement, go for a reddish hue that will complement the floor's warm tones.

lounging with oggie

Keep your lounge cosy and inviting with Oggie's Walnut floor from the Legano range. The deep and comforting colour pairs perfectly with vibrant, highly-textured decor, and we recommend keeping your base furniture subtle while incorporating vibrant pieces to direct the eye around the room.

downtime with oggie

The bedroom should be the most relaxing space in the home, making Oggie's Chevron White flooring from the Legno range your perfect fit. When decorated with natural materials such as wood, leather and marble, this floor's light colour palette contributes to a peaceful atmosphere while remaining on trend with its chevron pattern. Save