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mirror mind games



For centuries, mirrors have had the magical ability to trick the eye and make you think twice about what you are seeing. New York-based company Bower Studios has taken advantage of this unique characteristic to create a collection that appears to be three dimensional.

This series of graphic mirrors feature designs that trick the eye, but are still decorative and functional, adding dimension and texture to any space they occupy. The three-dimensional appearance of the mirrors is an effect known as as trompe l'oeil in the visual arts. Bower Studio have used trompe l'oeil to create designs that look like arcades, porthole windows and arched doorways.

The mirrors are produced in-house and boast frames with black walnut or white oak. Bower Studios can customise the sizes, mirror tints and frame finishes in order for you to have the perfect piece for your home.

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To get a sense of the effect, here are some of the Bower mirrors: