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how to choose an allergy-fighting vacuum cleaner

Spring is upon us and, as beautiful as flowers are in full bloom, this season can prove to be very difficult for allergy sufferers. Floating pollen is often named as the culprit, but our houses are also home to troublesome allergens. Miele always proves to be one step ahead and its Complete C3 Allergy PowerLine vacuum cleaner offers much-needed relief to allergy sufferers. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) cleaner decreases the amount of indoor allergens and thoroughly cleans all surfaces of the home. Miele is trusted by families around the world and their extensive range caters to all modern demands. We chatted to Miele's Liam Gawne for advice on how to choose a vacuum cleaner that will help fight allergies. Here's what he had to say: 20000125221.highres

1. Pick a vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments

Many modern vacuum cleaners come with multiple attachments that assist in reaching those hard-to-get-to areas in your home. It is essential to use these attachments in order to give your space a thorough clean. Most attachments can be adjusted to suit different floors, so always make sure to use the correct one for your specific flooring. Don't focus on floors alone, however – vacuum curtains, mattresses, air conditioners and ceiling fans to help decrease the amount of dust and dirt in your home.

2. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner has an advanced filter

If you are prone to allergies, you need a cleaner that has HEPA filters. These are unique filters that have been designed to catch even the smallest particles of dust. Miele’s C3 vacuum cleaners, for example, traps 99% of all fine dust particles, down to 5 microns, for a cleaner and more dust-free atmosphere.

3. Consider buying a canister instead of an upright model

A canister model is a lot easier to manoeuvre and tends to have better suction power. Upright models use a brush roll, which is good for digging out dirt from your carpets, but mobility is decreased with these models.

4. Pay attention to the wattage

Your vacuum cleaner's power is crucial because a large amount of energy is needed to lift up dirt, so a higher wattage is always advised. A balanced airflow and tight seal will guarantee a job well done. What's also important to note though is that even with its powerful 800w motor, Miele’s C3 vacuum cleaner boasts a power regulating chip that ensures maximum energy efficiency. The Miele Complete C3 Allergy PowerLine vacuum cleaner retails for R4 999. For more information, visit  Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save